You got me in chains for your love but I wouldn’t change this love.

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character development

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Hard as I try,
I know i can’t quit. 
Something about you is so addictive
Were fallin’ together
You think by know i’d know
Cause’ here we go, go again


Hard as I try,

I know i can’t quit. 

Something about you is so addictive

Were fallin’ together

You think by know i’d know

Cause’ here we go, go again

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Dilmer AU: Trouble - chapter 17

Chapter 17

After Isabella had let go of her, Demi looked up to hug Justin. He lifted her up and then span her around against her protest and kissed her cheek. She then moved to her best friend, whom she had seen just a few days ago and wrapped her arms around her. She felt a bump against her own stomach and looked down.

"You’re pregnant," she stated, slightly pulling away from Selena. That explained why Selena always showed up at the medical house with wide shirts or dresses.

"Yeah, three months and a half now," Selena said, rubbing her swollen stomach.

Demi took it better than she thought she would. “T-that’s amazing. Congratulations guys,” she said with a bright smile but Selena frowned.

"Are you okay with it?" she asked sceptically.

"Of course. I mean, I-I’m happy for you and I hope I will be the godmother otherwise you are not my best friend anymore," she said, pointing a menacing finger at Selena who let out a watery laugh.

"I’m so glad you’re taking it well," Selena said, wrapping Demi in yet another hug. Wilmer came back into the house a few seconds later with Demi’s things in his hands.

"Where shall I put these?" he asked.

Selena pulled away from Demi and said, “In the guest room.”

"As soon as Tyler is in jail, I’ll be out of your house."

"You can stay here as long as you want sweetie."

Demi nodded her head and started to climb up the stairs, Wilmer following her with her suitcase and bag. She opened the door and saw that her bed was made, a new vase with fresh flowers on her bedside table and the mirror of the bathroom had been changed. Wilmer set her suitcase and bag near the door and approached her.

"You okay?" he asked as he placed his hand on her lower back. She turned around and gave him a her head, she then wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her body as well and held her tight, pressing his lips to her hair, inhaling the scent of the coco shampoo she used.

Demi pulled away then and locked eyes with him. “Thank you, for being here and helping me through this.”

Wilmer leaned down and gently took her lips in his before breaking apart. “I’m going to be there every step. Now you have the trial and it will be over, you won’t have to be scared anymore.”

"I hope so," Demi said, tucking a stray of hair behind her ear. "I need to take a shower."

"Alright, I’ll leave you to your…things," Wilmer said, running a hand through his slightly grown out hair. "Um, Isabella wanted the three of us to watch a movie tonight and since Selena and Justin are going out for dinner, I thought that we could do this here…?"

"Sure," Demi said. "I’ll be down in half an hour."

He nodded and kissed her on the forehead before leaving the room. Once she was alone, Demi took the fresh washed and folded towels which rested upon the bed comforter and walked to the bathroom. She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. She looked better. She had actually had several decent nights of sleep and she had regained some weight. The bruises were all fading, but the scars on her wrists and thighs were still visible also the one on her collarbone from one of her falls still remained.

Shaking her head, she let out a sigh and took a nice and hot shower before dressing herself to enjoy the night with her daughter and her sort of boyfriend, they needed to talk about their relation ship statue.


Isabella had chosen to watch Home Alone, even though she had already watched it at least five times and she almost knew it by heart. She was snuggled in Demi’s side, her little fist curled around Demi’s shirt just as she used to do when she was just a baby. Wilmer had his arm wrapped around both his girls and loved every second of it.

When Isabella’s lids began to get heavy with sleep, Demi looked at Wilmer who switched off the television and scooped her up into his arms. “I wanna sleep with momma.” Isabella mumbled into her father’s chest. Wilmer and Demi shared a look and Demi nodded.

"Okay baby, you can. Just for tonight though, alright?" Isabella sleepily nodded and Wilmer carried her upstairs, Demi following behind. He placed Isabella on the bed and Demi wrapped the covers up her chin.

"Can you sing a song daddy?" Isabella asked, looking at Wilmer with those puppy dog eyes she had inherited from Demi, which mean eyes he could not resist to.

'What do you want me to sing?” he asked.

"My song," Isabella said, and both parent knew exactly which song she was talking about.

"Okay. Let me grab my guitar downstairs." he left the room a few seconds later and Demi bent down to kiss Isabella’s nose.

"Daddy was sad all week you know,"

"He was?" Demi asked softly as she toyed with Isabella’s curls.

"Yep. I was too but he was sadder. He told me that it was because he missed you. Did you miss him too?"

Before she could answer her daughter’s question, Wilmer walked back into the room, his brown guitar in his hands. He sat on the bed across from Demi and rapped his fingers against the cords.

"Isn’t she lovely, Isn’t she wonderful, Isn’t she precious
Less than one minute old,” he began, stealing glances at Demi before focusing back on Isabella. “I never thought through love we’d be, Making one as lovely as she, But isn’t she lovely made from love…”

When he realised Isabella had fallen asleep, Wilmer set his guitar to the side and bent down to kiss her forehead. Demi did the same afterward and whispered to Isabella that she loved her. The parents walked out of the room and headed downstairs where Demi asked Wilmer if he wanted a cup of tea. While the water was boiling, they sat down at the table and Demi took a deep breath.

"I wanted to talk to you about us," she said, setting her hands in front of her on the table. Wilmer swallowed and leaned back in his chair.

"That doesn’t sound really good," he said with a sigh, running a hand over his face.

"No, it’s not what you think it is. Lately I’ve been having some feelings for you and I want to do something about it but I just want to take it slow. And I need to make sure I can trust you before I can take our relationship to a next level." Demi said in one breath, and stopped when she saw a little smile appear on his lips. She then smiled too and reached out to take his hand. "I really want us to have a second chance."

"You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to hear you say that," Wilmer said and his smile broke into a wide grin. "And you can trust me. I’ll never hurt you ever again, I can promise you that."

"I just need you to be patient. I’m not ready to do anything yet. And I don’t want to tell Isabella anything yet. If things don’t work out, I don’t want her to be heartbroken."

Wilmer nodded. “I agree.”

He stood up and helped her up before his hands set on her hips. He leaned down and gently pressed his lips to her. She moaned into the kiss and kissed him back, swiftly sweeping her tongue across his bottom lip. When he granted access, their tongue made contact and at that exact moment, Demi felt as if a hundred of fireworks had gone off in her stomach. He pulled her close without breaking the kiss and their lips moved perfectly against the other’s. When air was needed, they finally pulled away and Wilmer’s hazel eyes locked with Demi’s Brown ones.

"I love you," he said, cupping her face with his hands.

"I love you, too." she whispered back, her hands reaching out to caress his cheek. She rested her head on his chest and sighed contently.

When Wilmer asked if Demi wanted him to stay there in case she had any nightmares, she shook her head and told him that she wanted to be alone and try to win her fear over like her shrink had shown her how. She told him to take Isabella back home because she didn’t want her daughter to witness any of her nightmares.

A few minutes later, she was waving at him as he pulled back of the driveway and started on the rad, Isabella sleeping in the back seat. She felt a chill run down her spine and realized that she was only in a dress with a thin cardigan. She walked back to the house and immediately locked the door behind her, checking several times that it was correctly locked. Afterward, she walked to the kitchen, pulled out a bottle of orange juice, poured some in a drink and headed upstairs. She set the glass on the commode and opened her dresser to take out her pajamas. She drank her orange juice and slipped under the covers, hoping her night would be nightmare-free.


"Hello Demi," she heard from behind her and spun around as fast as she could. Tyler was standing there, near her bedroom door, just a few meters away from her.

"Tyler," she said, and she was surprised that her voice wasn’t trembling. "What are you doing here?" she asked, clenching her teeth and crossing her arms over her chest. He was supposed to be in prison, the cops had told her they had arrested him.

"Your hurt me Demi, you know that? I gave you everything you’ve ever wanted and you left me like garbage and told the cops on me. I’m disappointed in you Demi, very disappointed. The cops went to my house but luckily I was just coming home from work and I saw their car so I went to the hotel. I’m going to run away but before that I need to do something. You know what that is Demetria?" he asked, but didn’t wait for her answer before continuing. "I need to show you how hurt I am." Tyler sneered out and walked to Demi so quickly that she barely knew what was happening when he sent a blow in her face. She stumbled backward and violently fell on her bed, Tyler hovering her body. She started to see black spots around her and wiped the blood above her eye. Whimpering in pain and when he started to take off her cardigan, she lifted her leg and smacked his crotch with her knee. Tyler cried out in pain and fell to his side on the bed. She slowly stood and gripped the furniture in the hall and the ramp in the stairs to made it downstairs. When she reached the door, she felt her leg being pulled at. He pushed her to the floor and kicked her in the stomach with his foot before she could fight back.

"S-s-stop," she stuttered out in pain, clenching her stomach. "Tyler."

His knee collided with her ribcage and she felt her breathing being cut short as she began to cough uncontrollably. She cried out in pain when he kicked her back.

"P-please," she begged, rolling on her back. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back on her feet. Demi’s eyes barely stayed opened and he slapped her cheeks several times so she remained awake. He shoved her on the couch and crawled above her.

She tired to push him away when he lifted her dress above her waist, she tried to prevent him from pulling off her cardigan and she tried to slap him away when he violently bit her neck with his teeth.

"Stop it Tyler, please."

"Little bitch, you’re gonna hold still otherwise it’s going to get worse," he murmured in her ear as he held her hands above her head. Leaving a bruising kiss on her lips, he reached behind her and pulled down the zipper of her dress. She slapped him on the cheek and he stopped in his tracks before pulling out a pocket knife he had in the pocket of his sweater. He took out the blade, pressing it just below her breast. "Try that again and I’ll leave a scar."

Demi whimpered as Tyler pulled the straps of her dress from her shoulders and drew the material down her body. He squeezed her breast and bit her lower lip until it got bloody. When she lifted her knee to kick him in the crotch, she couldn’t because she was out of strength and he was blocking her leg with his.

"That wasn’t very nice Demi," the short blade cut at her skin on the side of her stomach and she screamed in pain.

"Please Tyler," she begged. "I’ll come back and live with you but please, stop."

"Not until I’ve gotten what I want," he said, then kissed her lips as his hands took her panties down.

It hurt so much and Demi was so worn out that she slipped into unconsciousness when he was finished. She heard his voice one last time and felt pain around her stomach again before darkness surrounded her and silence was the only thing she could make out.

"NO!" Demi screamed as she woke up, panting and sweating. She placed her hand on her chest and swallowed as she heard footsteps near her room. Her heartbeat quickened as she looked at the door.

"Demi, are you okay?" Selena asked as she popped her head around the doorway to look at her friend. Demi exhaled a sigh of relief and laid a hand on her sweaty forehead. The brunette walked into the room and sat on Demi’s bed, covering Demi’s hand with hers.

"What happened?" Selena asked, tilting her head to the side. "You were screaming."

"I’m sorry, I just had a nightmare."

"Do you want to tell me about it?" Selena asked, squeezing Demi’s hand. Demi nodded and Selena slipped under the covers next to her best friend and wrapped her arms around Demi as she told her about her nightmare. She fell asleep a few minutes later and Selena smiled. Maybe she had faced her fear after all.


Demi woke up the morning after and stretched her arms over her head. She was still a bit shaken by the nightmare she had had the night before but was glad that she had been able to tell Selena about it and that she had been able to fall back asleep afterward. Tyler’s trial was the day after and she was starting to be anxious. She knew she would have her lawyer’s support as well as Selena’s, Justin’s and Wilmer’s.

She heard her phone ring on her bedside table and walked to the side of the bed to pick it up. She pressed the green button and rose the phone to her ear before speaking,


"Hey sweetheart,"

"Tyler," Demi stated, clenching her teeth. "Why are you calling me?"

"To make sure that you know what you’re doing. You can still fix it before you do something you regret. You don’t want me to go to jail, sweetheart, do you?"

"Yes, I do. You despise me to the deepest in my soul, Tyler. I want you to go to jail. I’ll be in trial tomorrow with Wilmer." Demi said, then hung up the phone before he could say anything else. She knew she shouldn’t have said that last line but it felt good. After getting dressed, Demi had breakfast and met Wilmer and Isabella at the park. As they had agreed last night, they weren’t going to show any signs of affection in front of the little girl.

"Hey," Demi said as she approached the slide where Isabella and Wilmer played together. Isabella ran to he mother and hugged her legs quickly before running back to one of her friends. Wilmer stood and brushed the sand from his jeans. He kissed her cheek sweetly and squeezed her hand.

"Hi," he said with a smile. Demi slid her hand from his and looked at Isabella who was focusing on her sand castle. "She isn’t looking," Wilmer said, his thumb rubbing the back of her hand. "How did you sleep?"

"Alright. I had a nightmare but I was able to fall back asleep."

"That’s good," he said, giving her hand another squeeze. "Are you ready for tomorrow?"

"I think so," Demi said. "I hope it’s going to go well."

"There’s no way he’s going to escape with no jail at all."

"I know," Demi said. "I got a call from him this morning."

Wilmer clenched his teeth and growled out, “What did he say?”

"He tried to corrupt me. He asked me if I was really sure that I wanted to send him to jail."

"Fucking bastard," Wilmer said.

Demi’s eyes traveled to Isabella. “Wilmer. Promise me you will behave. I can’t have you in jail too.”

"I promise. It’s still going to be hard not to slam his head against a wall. But I’ll hold still."

"Even if he tries to reach out for me or anything like that, promise me you won’t punch him, Wilmer."

"I promise," Wilmer answered and kissed her forehead. They sat down on the bench and Wilmer wrapped his arm around her shoulders, rubbing her upper arm with his hand. Since Isabella wasn’t looking, Demi placed her head on Wilmer shoulder and exhaled a content sigh.

She hoped the day after would go without any bumps on the road.

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The dad cat liked to hang out in the sink by himself




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how can someone not love her




how can someone not love her


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