Omg I am so hooked on TI seriously go into the story, your writing is incredible. I feel every moment, see every scene that you describe. This is honestly one of my all time favourite fics and I literally check your page every day for the next update. Could you do me a favour and tag #Dilmer in them? because I never see it in the tag and always find it later haha! Am seriously in love with your work; thank you for writing!! Looking forward to more

Thankyou soooooo muchhh!! That means a lot to me… I’m glad you’re enjoying it 💛💙💜💚❤️💗💖

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80 questions~
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18. Licked the back of a CD to try to get it to work?:
19. Been on a blind date?:
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Bey and Jay first shouted each other at the 2004 VMAs when there was still speculation whether they were dating or not. Then here we are 10 years later. It took 10 years to build up to one of the most beautiful moments in the history of award shows.

The fantastic irony is that this moment occurred also at the VMAs where Jay presented the Michael Jackson Vanguard award to Beyoncé this time as Husband and Wife along with their beautiful child Blue Ivy Carter.

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Is trouble on wattpad?💞

It is :) x

Dilmer AU: Trouble - chapter 22

Chapter 22


2 weeks later

Selena and Justin had moved to New York a few days back, so Demi stayed at Wilmer’s house until she found a new place. Isabella was excited to have her mother live with her. The three of them were supposed to go up to New York for a few days to visit Justin and Selena and drop by Nick and Olivia’s place as well as Marissa’.

"Demi?" Wilmer called out in the house after he came home from football practice at School. "Nena?"

After checking every room, he found her in his office, in front of her laptop. She looked up from the screen and smiled. “Hi.”

"What are you doing?" he asked, standing behind her and dropping a kiss to her shoulder.

"I’m looking for a house," she said.


"In California."

"Babe…" he thought she had forgotten about the idea since they were reunited and didn’t want to be torn apart anytime soon.

"We’ve been over this, Wilmer." Demi argued, knowing he was about to tell her it was a bad idea. "I can’t move on if I stay in Texas. I need to go far away. California seems like the perfect choice for me. I can start a career in music and have my own studio," she strolled down the opened window and clicked on one of the house. "Look at this one: Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an open plan kitchen and living room. It even has a backyard."

"Where is it?" Wilmer asked.

"Twenty kilometers from L.A."

"Oh," Wilmer breathed out. "Well…Looks like you found it." he said with a smile, but Demi didn’t miss the bitterness in his voice nor the falseness of his smile.

"Wilmer," she called out as he walked out of the room. She sighed and stood up, following him into the hall. "Don’t do that…"

He sharply turned around, “Don’t do what? We finally reunited and you want to break us apart again. What are we going to do about Isabella, huh? Her mom will live 3000 kilometers from her dad, how is she going to take that. I only want your happiness, Demi, that’s all I’m asking for. But I don’t want us to be apart.”

"Neither do I! Hear me out, alright?" she said, placing her hands over his forearms. "What is keeping you here, in Texas?"

"I have my job at School," Wilmer answered.

"And don’t you think you can find a football coach post in California?" she asked. "Maybe you and Isabella could come with me in California, that’s what I meant. I need to take a new start but I won’t if it isn’t with the two of you. I need the both of you to get better."


"Isabella would love the beach and the sun. And you would easily find a job there. I know that I told you that I wanted to take it slow but I’ve come to realize that now, the both of you are my family, and I now trust you. Can you think about it, please?"

"Alright." Wilmer said. He kissed her lips and sighed. "I need to go to school."


"I’ll pick you up later so we can go get Isabella from school."


"How was your day sweetie?" Demi asked Isabella when the little girl came out of the building. Isabella shrugged and wrapped her arms around Demi.

"Momma?" she asked after pulling away. "What does ‘slut’ mean?"

Wilmer frowned and crouched down to Isabella’s level. “Where did you hear that, sweetie?”

"A boy at school told his mom said that momma is a slut because she was married and she got back with you."

Wilmer’s jaw clenched. “Who is that boy?” he asked?

"Wilmer," Demi drew out. "He’s just a boy. he just repeated what he heard."

"I know. I want to pay the parents a visit."

"Wilmer stop it, it’s not necessary. And Isabella, I don’t want to hear that word leave your mouth again, do you understand? That’s a bad word."

"Okay," Isabella said. "But I didn’t like it so I kicked him between the legs anyway."

Wilmer chuckled and Demi’s eyes widened. “You did what?”

"That’s what daddy told me to do if a boy bugged me." she said innocently and Wilmer laughed.

"That’s my girl."

"Wilmer," Demi said and lightly slapped his chest, though she was rather amused herself. Wilmer laughed once again and scooped Isabella up to put her on his shoulder, causing a loud squeal to escape from Isabella’s mouth. Once Isabella was settled, he took Demi’s hand in his and laced their fingers together. He kissed her temple and whispered in her ear,



"I’ll take a look for jobs in California."


3 days later

"Yes, thanks a lot sir," Wilmer said into the phone before ending the call. He put it back in his pocket and walked back into the living room. Demi was seated on the couch, looking something up on her laptop, Wilmer bent down and kissed her cheek as he set his hands on her shoulders. "That was the principal of a High school in Westchester. He wants to have a look at my resumé. I’m sending it to him by mail."

"I’m going to look up for houses around there," Demi said, quickly typing on her keyboard.

"Alright. I need to go to our old school. Maybe we should talk about moving to Isabella tonight."

"Yeah, it’d be wise," Demi said, craning her head to Wilmer. "See you later."

Later that night, Wilmer, Demi and their daughter were watching a movie on the couch, and when it ended, Wilmer turned off the TV as Demi pulled Isabella on her lap.

"Isabella, we need to talk to you about something," Wilmer said as he turned to his girls.

"About what?" she asked, leaning against Demi’s chest. Demi stroked her daughter’s brown hair as Wilmer spoke,

"Your mom and I talked a lot these couple of days. You know Tyler went to jail, right? Well he isn’t going to hurt your mom anymore but if we want her, because I know you do, to get fully better, we have to get a whole new start. And to do that, your mom needs to move from Texas, a town which holds very bad memories for her. Do you understand that, Bug?"

Isabella nodded her head. “Where is she going?”

"To another state, probably. But she isn’t going alone now, is she? Would you want her to do that on her own?"

"No," Isabella said as she shook her head back and forth. She looked up towards Demi. "I don’t want you to be all alone. Does that mean we’re going with you?"

"Isabella," Wilmer continued. "If you want to, yes, that means we’re going with her. But you have to know that a different town means a whole new group of friends. You won’t be able to see Laura anymore, or to hang out with Grandma. Of course we’ll come here to Texas once in a while but not so often."

"We’re gonna go near uncle Justin and aunt Selena’s new house?" Isabella asked curiously.

"We don’t know where we are going yet," Wilmer said.

"So you are okay about leaving Texas, honey?" Demi asked, resting her chin atop her daughter’s head.

Isabella nodded her head and sighed. “Yep, if it makes you all better momma.”


One week later

"Demi, seriously?" Wilmer said as he picked up her two suitcases. "We’re going in New York for just a week, do you really need all that stuff?"

She glared at him and yanked the suitcases from his hands. “Yes, I do.”

"Geez, okay, woman," he said teasingly when he saw the corners of her lips go upwards. "Come here," he whispered, hooking his arm around her waist and pulling her body against his. He leaned down and captured her lips into his in a simple, chaste kiss. When she deepened the kiss, their daughter interrupted them.

"Ew. Gross."

Wilmer laughed after pulling away. “C’mon, we’re going to miss our plane if we don’t get going.”

They were going to New York to spend the holiday with Justin, Selena, Marissa, Nick and Olivia who lived in the Big Apple as well. Demi was a bit anxious about seeing them there, because she hadn’t seen them or heard of them since they graduated from High School.

After a three hours flight, the trio finally landed in New York, surprised to see Selena and Justin already waiting for them at the gate. After all, it was Selena, everything was planned to the minute.

"Okay, now you’re huge," Wilmer couldn’t help saying as he looked down to Selena expended belly. Demi slapped his chest as the girls mouth fell open.

"Don’t make me regret inviting you over, Valderrama." she threatened with a menacing finger pointed at him before hugging her best friend as Justin gave Wilmer a man hug.

"I can’t wait to see the apartment. I mean, I’ve seen the photos and everything but I want to see it in real," Demi said with a smile.

"You are staying for Christmas, right?" Justin asked as he scooped Isabella up into his arms. "Because Santa has a lot of presents for Isabella."

"How do you know?" Isabella asked, narrowing her eyes slightly.

Justin gulped and swallowed. “B-because he called me earlier and said that you’ve been very wise this year.”

"See daddy! I told you. So this means I’ll get the puppy I asked for!"

Wilmer groaned and Demi laughed. “Thanks a lot man,” he mumbled to Justin. “Thanks a lot.”


"Hey Justin," Wilmer called as he walked into Selena and Justin’s wide kitchen, catching the man’s attention. "Have you go it?"

"Yep, I’ve got it printed right here," he said as he handed his best friend two printed sheets of paper.

"How far is it from here again?"

"Like 60 miles. You should be there in less than an hour," Justin said. "Did you call the principal?"

"Yeah, he wants to meet me. I should go there tomorrow afternoon, see the realtor and everything."

"Do you think she’ll like it?"

Wilmer looks down at the pictures on the sheets of paper and nods his head. “Yeah, I think so. It would be a nice Christmas present, wouldn’t it?”


"What are you guys talking about?" Selena asked as she waddled in the kitchen.

"Um…About Demi’s Christmas present."

"Oh. And what is it?" she asked as she tilted her head to the side, a sheepish smile on her lips.

"Promise me you won’t tell her anything." Wilmer said, extending his hand. Selena rolled her eyes and shook his hand.


"A house."


"Demi’s Christmas present is a house."

"Holy shit!" Selena shouted before she could stop herself, Wilmer raising an eyebrow at the brunette’s vocabulary. He hoped that Demi, who was bathing Isabella, didn’t hear it. "Sorry. Are you serious?"

"Yeah. I’m going to see it tomorrow. It’s in Newburgh. The High School principal is looking for a football coach, looks like I’m lucky."

"This is insane. Demi is going to flip. She’ll be happy though. Do you have any pictures?" Selena asked, taking the sheets of paper from Wilmer’s hand. "Oh. My. God. It’s so beautiful, she’s going to love it. I didn’t know you had good tastes, Valderrama."

"Gee, thanks Gomez."

"Always a pleasure."


"Where are we going?" Demi asked excitedly as she climbed into Justin’s SUV with Wilmer.

"You’re acting like a five-year-old who is going to the toy store, babe."

"Shut up. Seriously, where are we going?"

"Not telling," Wilmer aid with a smirk as he started the engine. He was answered by a slap on the chest.


"Ow, that hurt nena," he mocked hurt and pulled the car out from the parking lot. "We’re going out of town."


"60 miles from here."

"And what are we going to do there?" Demi asked with an arched brow. Wilmer sighed and shook his head playfully.

"Would you stop?" he grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Just be patient. I won’t tell you anything."

Demi huffed and looked out the window, before turning back to her boyfriend. “Not even the teeny tiniest little hint?”



After a one-hour drive, Wilmer finally pulled up in front of a brick house. It was surrounded by brown fences and there was a large porch with a bench-swing. Demi looked out the window curiously before stepping out of the car.

"Where are we?" she asked, turning to Wilmer. "Do you have family here?"

"Nope," Wilmer said, dipping his hands into his pockets as he walked to her. "I was looking for houses on the internet and I came across this one. It’s close to New York, so close to Selena and Justin and Nick, Olivia and Marissa… Shall we go in?"

"Wilmer," Demi said, tucking her hair behind her ear. "We can’t go in."

"I’ve got the key. I met the realtor yesterday, he said I could visit it with you today." Wilmer told her as he fished in his pocket and pulled out a walked up the path and he unlocked the door. The interior was very modern but with a few antics every now and then. The door opened on an open floor plan kitchen and living room, very lightened. On the right after the living room was the dining room, which walls were painted in ivory. There was a small bathroom in the corner next to the wooden helicoidale stairs.

"It’s beautiful," Demi commented as she looked around the house in awe.

"You haven’t seen everything," Wilmer said, before leading her to the first floor. "Here is the master bedroom with a bathroom."

Demi nodded and followed him to the next room. It was also a bedroom, smaller and colorful. He then led her back downstairs and opened the back door, revealing a patio and a rather vast garden.

"Wow," Demi said as she stepped on the patio. "This is amazing. But Wilmer, we can’t afford it."

"You’re selling your house. I’m selling mine too since we’re going to live together. And I have money saved. We can afford it, Demi."

Demi took her bottom lip between her teeth as she looked back from Wilmer to the large backyard. Wilmer walked closer and set his hand on her lower back.

"Should I put an offer?" he asked, placing his chin on her shoulder as he wrapped his arms around her waist from behind. Demi looked at him and nodded her head.



"It’s Christmas, it’s Christmas, it’s Christmas!" Isabella squealed as she ran bare feet in the room her parents were staying in. She climbed on the bed and bounced up and down on the mattress until Wilmer woke whined and shuffled closer to Demi, who was starting to stir.

"I know, bug. But can’t you let us sleep a little more?"

"Please, daddy!" Isabella exclaimed as she crawled in between her parents and pouted. Demi turned around and chuckled.

"Alright. Go wake up your aunt and uncle." she said, tapping her daughter’s nose. Isabella nodded her head and jumped off the bed, running to Selena and Justin’s room. Wilmer sighed with a smile and pulled his girlfriend closer to him, kissing her cheek.

"Merry Christmas," he whispered in her ear.

"Merry Christmas," Demi replied. "Or Feliz Navidad!."

"Mom! Dad! Come open the presents!"

Wilmer sighed once again before standing from the bed and padding in the hallway toward the living room where a big green tree was lit with Christmas lights. There was a pile of presents underneath it and Isabella was sitting on the floor, counting how many wrapped presents had her name on it.

Demi came out a few minutes later, her robe tied around her body and she stood next to her best friend, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"Can I open them, now?" Isabella asked excitedly.

"Yes, you can sweetie."

"Sweet!" Isabella exclaimed, before processing to the unwrapping of her presents. She took the red envelope which rested against all the other presents and ripped it open. "What’s this?"

Wilmer took it from her. “Let’s see,” he shared a glance with Demi and spoke, “It’s a purchase voucher in a pet store.”

"What does that mean?" Isabella asked with wide eyes.

"It’s for when you go get your puppy." Isabella eyes grew even wider, causing every adult in the room to laugh.

"When can we go there, when can we go there?" she exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"You won’t get your puppy until we are settled in a new house. We can’t have a puppy running around during the moving. Okay?" Isabella nodded and then got back to opening the rest of her presents. Wilmer turned to Demi and retrieved a box from behind the counter. "Speaking of, here’s your present."

Demi frowned and opened the square box. She lifted the lid and stared at a key. She looked up to Wilmer, confused at first, then she put the pieces together. “Have we…”

"The owner has accepted our offer. The house is ours if we want it." Wilmer said, a wide grin spreading on his lips. Demi gasped before throwing herself into his arms. She dipped her head down and kissed his lips, a little too passionate when they are kids in the room. Selena cleared her throat and they pulled apart.

Wilmer rested her forehead against her and said, “To a new beginning.”

A/N : Next chapter will be the epilogue.


Life in general is pretty minimizing because you have a lot of big ideas and you have to battle the mistaken delusions and instability that come with youth. And then watching that just wither away as you become more of a realist is a harrowing experience for any human being. I just think you gotta have a good fucking attitude.

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5th Harmony’s reaction to winning the Artist to Watch Award at the 2014 VMAs




5th Harmony’s reaction to winning the Artist to Watch Award at the 2014 VMAs


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You have come a long way girls

Congratulations Fifth Harmony on your VMA win!

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